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How Statins Help

Statins are the medicines that help in controlling your cholesterol levels.

Taking your Statin is Important

If you have been prescribed a statin by your healthcare provider it is important to take it regularly. Did you know that 40-75% of patients discontinue their statin after just one year?

Muscle pain, or myalgia, is one of the more common side effects of statin therapy. 62% of former statin users indicated that side effects were the reason they stopped taking their medication.

Why Zypitamag may be right
for you

Not all statins are the same. Newer statins, such as Zypitamag (pitavastatin) are now available and may be an alternative option for you.

Zypitamag reduces LDL-C by up to 45% and rates of muscle pain are only 3.1%. Plus – it has a unique metabolization compared with some other statins which lead to less potential for certain drug-drug interactions.

Zypitamag is now available through
Marley Drug for $1 per day

Typically, you will have to fail on multiple statins and require prior authorization to get your
insurance plan to cover a branded statin.

Marley Drug lets you save your
for emergencies

You can access Zypitamag directly for $1 per day without any insurance hassles.

We are able to provide this price because of our partnership with the manufacturer, Medicure. Our price is 50% lower than at other pharmacies just $1 per day!

Additional Benefits of ordering through Marley Drug:

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Conditions apply. Visit for more information. This offer is currently not available to Alabama residents.

How to fill your prescription

Tell your healthcare provider to phone, fax, or EScript the prescription to Marley Drug. Marley Drug is in all EMR systems and the only Marley Drug located in North Carolina.

Once Marley Drug received the prescription; they will call you to arrange for payment!

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